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28th June . Private Facebook Group . 11 – 1145am BST . FREE . 45 Mins Mini-Course delivered by MIB International CEO Leona Burton

I’ve spent 7 years using Facebook for Business, and in the last few years have created multi-six figure revenues from using Facebook, alone.

But it didn’t start that way. The first few years I must’ve made every mistake known to woman, and then some.

I won’t list all the errors but they include:

* Not making enough noise
* Making too much noise
* Wrong set up
* Wrong messages
* Wrong images
* Wrong audience
* Wrong offer
* Straining friendships with pushy selling
* Cheeky product placement shots that didn’t land as intended or just didn’t get noticed
* Wrong approach 
* Wrong colours
* Wrong products
* Wrong engagement
* Wrong dress ( yes! – bizarre right? ) 
* .. and the list goes on .. and (embarrassingly) on ..

In fact, I made so many mistakes, and my results were so awful, I often thought about abandoning Facebook entirely

Then one day (while trying to explain resilience, perseverance and innovation to one of my very small children using a mountain made of ice-cream and blueberries) the penny finally dropped .. and I committed to learning the how.

I took several weeks to read several books, subscribed to several courses, got a coach and got to work.  

Since then, to say things have gone much better is an understatement. Life has fundamentally altered for the better. And Facebook has become my business friend.  

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY – we’ve taught these lessons to other people ( hundreds of thousands of other people ) and it has worked for many of them, in some cases they’ve gone on to create much larger businesses and had more success than any of us dreamed was possible. 

In this FREE workshop I will personally teach you what I’ve learned (call them my secrets if you like – but after the course they’ll be your secrets) which will help you:  

* Take the frustration out of growing a following 
* Create content that creates conversation and leads to conversion  
* Take and share pictures that stop the scroll and all eyes be on you  
* Write captions that capture attention 
* How to use Facebook ( as it was intended ) to build relationships 
* How to use tools and techniques to grow a following, friendships and clients for your business

.. and so much more ..  

You can secure your place by clicking on ‘add to basket’ and join us if you can.

We look forward to seeing you there.


MIB International 
Mums & Women In Business Supporting Women & Mums In Business 


ps. It’s FREE – no expectation other than to show up, and let me show you what Facebook can do for your business (without spending money on ads or consultants) .. and how. If you want to connect with other women and mums in business afterwards there’ll be an opportunity within the group.


28th June . Private Facebook Group . 11 – 1145am BST . FREE . 45 Mins Mini-Course delivered by MIB International CEO Leona Burton


FREE – no card needed to secure place – and if you miss the live event, you’ll be able to listen in on replay 

Details will be sent by email of the Facebook Group 

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