£12.00 / month

Join Connected today and get access to 4 online networking events every month.

Connect with global members that understand you

Grow your global connections

And let’s get your businesses connecting

If you join SEEN today you can get Connected for just £10 per month using the discount code SEEN-CONNECTED




At the heart of MIB International is child friendly networking events and as the community grew so did the countries. This has been a HUGE global success and helped small businesses make MILLIONS in revenue.

Global face to face events are offered month in, month out for you to connect with your local members.

After a wildly successful pivot to zoom during the pandemic in 2020, members from all around the world could now connect with each other and the feedback was ‘We want more’.

So today, Leona CEO offers you a membership like no other, that does exactly what it says.

Welcome to CONNECTED.

A place like NO OTHER. An opportunity to connect like never before.

No training. Pure connection.

For only £12pm you will get access to 4 networking events a month online.

Times will vary to accommodate our global audience but if you can get to all four, then do it.

Connect with global members that understand you.

Grow your global connections.

And let’s get your businesses connecting.

When does connected run?

CONNECTED runs on a different day and time each week as listed below:

  • First Thursday: 10:30am GMT – 8:30pm AEST – 5:30am EST
  • Second Tuesday: 12:30pm GMT – 10:30pm AEST – 7:30am EST
  • Third Wednesday: 8pm GMT – 6am AEST – 3pm EST
  • Fourth Sunday: 8pm GMT – 6am AEST – 3pm EST

Existing SEEN members get CONNECTED for just £10 per month – check your Facebook group for details.

SEEN Together members get CONNECTED for free as part of your membership

If you buy SEEN and Connected together today get Connected for just £10 per month. Add both SEEN and Connected to your basket then use the code SEEN-CONNECTED to get your discount.

**Once purchased you will get an automatic email with the next step to take, please check your junk/spam email if not received**