The MIB International Awards are here

The time has come to start the very first MIB International Awards to celebrate the community that has been built, to celebrate the networking that is taking place on a daily basis globally and to celebrate the support you all have for each other.

Voting is now open

You can vote only once for each category so please choose carefully.

The closing date is 31st July 2022 in which an independent team will count the votes and announce the finalists and then in August (date to be confirmed) there will be one week to vote for your final in each of the categories.

This is an exciting time for us to come together across the globe and recognise our achievements.

A date for your diary where the online awards will take place is Thursday 15th September 2022 (time to be confirmed), a time for us to get glam and have some fun.

The Award Categories

Entrepreneur of the year

Who has excelled for you in all areas?

MIB of the year

Who do you feel has supported the MIB community the most?

Innovator of the year

Who in your eyes has created something exceptional this year?

Charity of the year

Which charity gets your vote?

Team Builder of the year

Who has created a successful team that encourages a leading community in your eyes?

Author of the year

In your eyes who is your author of the year?

Business Growth of the year

Who has excelled in business growth this year?

Coach of the year

Who do you believe shines out in the coaching industry?

Rising Star award

This person/business has only recently started and is shining in your eyes?

Bounce Back award

Who do you feel has had a major set back and is now back in their feet?

Influencer award

Who is your favourite influencer?

International Growth award

A person/business that has had international growth this year

Become an award sponsor

You can get involved not only by nominating but also by sponsoring each award, please email Sharon at [email protected] for further details

Vote here